Ponjee family party

So I have 8 sisters and 6 brothers!

together we celebrated 1,000 years on 26 July 2021 at 12h 03’00”

This is calculated from each of us from the day, hour and minutes from birth!

On this day we presented a real book in Dutch, Ponjee together 1000 years, with all our stories written down by Mia, the seventh of the family, together with the relevant photographs.

The stories in this book start around 1950 with the first child Leo who was born on 16 April 1944 at 06h30 and end with the last of the 15 Martin who was born on 10 September 1965 at 02h40′!

By reading all these stories of my brothers and sisters, a timeline is drawn from the Second World War onwards, fantastic!

My thanks to Mia who worked so many hours on the book

Family ponjee; a unique party on 26 july 2021

Preparations for the party

Our street decorated with flags by the neighbours

Thank you Mia and Dorothe

Opening of the party with cake and prosecco

Presentation of the book ‘Ponjee together 1000 years’ by the author Mia

A short walk to Pap and Moe where we sing AVE MARIA

From the cemetery we walk to ‘our’ parental home for the photo ‘in a row’!

There we are also pleasantly surprised with a warm welcome by some cousins for a drink in ‘our’ vegetable garden.

And then we walk on to the place where we are going to plant a ‘King’s lime tree’ on behalf of ‘brothers & sisters Ponjee’.

The party with the various acts from our lives

The dinner and the after-dinner drinks

I would like to thank my brothers and sisters with their respective spouses and all the cousins who contributed to make 26 July 2021 a wonderful and unforgettable day of celebration.

Thank you xxx