About me

My name is John Ponjee and I grew up in the Netherlands and I am part of a large family with 15 children. I am the fourteenth child and have 8 sisters and 6 brothers!

In 1989 I moved to Milan, Italy and now I’m a proud father of three children.

In my biography I tell part of my life story about the time I spent in the Netherlands, in Milan, Italy, Belgium and South America, especially Suriname, before I return to Tuscany, Italy.

Another part of my life story is described in the book “Ponjee 1000 years”, which came out at exactly 12.03 am on 26 July 2021 when all of us “Ponjee brothers and sisters” together turned 1000 years old!

In the unforgettable period from 2014 until 2016, when I lived in Paramaribo and the Surinamese Amazon, I started writing and composing my first music.

After returning to beautiful Tuscany, Italy, I started to expand my musical project. To gain more experience and musical skills, I participated at the ‘Life Music Camp’, a music camp for both beginning and advanced musicians. I started with singing, guitar, drum and piano lessons and became a member of a singing choir.

While working at my brother’s garden plant company, I met Sharon, a beautiful and intelligent girl from Nigeria. We have been working together on my brother’s production company for several years now. Sharon has now also become part of my musical project. She is the photographer and takes care of the production, makes the video clips, edits the photos and the videos and produces the karaoke versions of my songs.

Another project we want to start together is the SFF “Sharon’s Farm Foundation” in Nigeria. We are now waiting for the current coronavirus situation to get better so we can start this interesting project.

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